Christmas care package: the stuff I’m never doing again
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Christmas care package: the stuff I’m never doing again

To recap, in my desire to over-achieve the crap out of Christmas this year, I prepared Jonathan’s to-Afghanistan holiday care package with both the sweet and the sentimental. So, naturally, I had to prepare an element that melded the two ideas, while also oozing Christmas spirit. Which sounds kind of gross, but I promise it’s … Continue reading »

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Christmas care package: the sentimental stuff

In case you missed yesterday‘s Christmas care package post, you should know that Christmas and Hanukkah simultaneously exploded in my apartment during the marathon few days I spent creating Jonathan’s care package. Partially because I was overcompensating for sending him emails filled with possible gift ideas, most of which were cat sweaters. Lessons learned: If your … Continue reading »

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Christmas care package: the sweet stuff

Now that Hanukkah is over and I’ve suffered the annual splattered-oil latke battle scars (Note: never, ever, mistake canola oil for vegetable oil; they are not the same thing, and you will not have a good time.), it’s time to focus on the sweet stuff. In some kind of joint Hanukkah-Christmas miracle, Jonathan’s Christmas care package arrived … Continue reading »

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Choosing a Christmas gift for your deployed soldier

Now that it’s mid-November, I’m in crunch mode for choosing Jonathan’s Christmas present if I want it to get to Afghanistan before December 25th. And it’s a good thing he’s not expecting Hanukkah gifts yet, because that’s only three weeks away and I don’t think latkes ship well. Choosing a gift for a deployed soldier … Continue reading »