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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Aileen;

    I was reading the bloggess and saw your name-I’m an Aileen too and was wondering if you have Irish family, it’s not very common in North America (I’m Canadian born my parents immigrated here from Ireland in the 50’s)

    Anyways I adored your description and will check out your boards on pinterest (my crack) and I just love Jenny Lawson, her book was a highlight of 2012 for me!!
    I wish you a wonderful wedding with many years of joy!

    • Another Aileen! I’m not Irish, but I do get that question a lot 🙂 Do you pronounce yours Ay-leen or Eye-lean?

      And I’m mildly obsessed with the Bloggess/want to be her when I’m grown up. I was lucky that her tour stopped by me and I was able to go to a reading. She signed a hard-boiled “beyonce” egg for my sister and me, but that wasn’t even close to the weirdest thing she signed.

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