Red White ‘N’ Valentine’s Day giveaway
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Red White ‘N’ Valentine’s Day giveaway

Last week I came clean about my first real celebration of military spouse life: my secret courthouse marriage. (And a huge thanks to all of you who commented with love and support–it means more than you know.) Next week, Jonathan are I are celebrating another military spouse milestone: our first Valentine’s Day together. Going from … Continue reading »

George Washington’s guide to civility, deployments, and Valentine’s Day
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George Washington’s guide to civility, deployments, and Valentine’s Day

All the holidays that have passed since Jonathan deployed have acted as little landmarks for the proximity of his return. He may have forbidden me to count down, but we didn’t lay down any ground rules about knowing, as each holiday passes, we’re one holiday closer to his return. Unfortunately for George Washington, his birthday … Continue reading »

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2013: A year of resolves to not lose my mind

Happy new year! This morning I received the first great news of 2013: Jonathan went to the board, and is now eligible for his next promotion! Way to set the bar impossibly high for me to catch up on accomplishing things in 2013, Jonathan. (Also, congratulations; I think I speak for all the people in your … Continue reading »

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Home for the holidays for my last holidays at home

It is apt that yesterday was my one-year engagement-versary, because 2012 marks my final holiday season pre-army wifedom. Which means it’s my final year-end that will take place in one stable setting near all my family and friends for who-knows-how-long. Marrying into the military is a lot like graduating from high school, just with more … Continue reading »