The fastest way to a man’s heart is not through quinoa
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The fastest way to a man’s heart is not through quinoa

Transitioning from a lifetime of civilian conveniences into a strictly military environment is a huge hurdle I’m preparing to jump for my impending marriage to Jonathan. What you may have guessed, however, is that this is not the only lifestyle difference we’re soon going to mesh. I’ve mentioned that Jonathan is the gun-weilding, country-music-listening type, … Continue reading »

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2013: A year of resolves to not lose my mind

Happy new year! This morning I received the first great news of 2013: Jonathan went to the board, and is now eligible for his next promotion! Way to set the bar impossibly high for me to catch up on accomplishing things in 2013, Jonathan. (Also, congratulations; I think I speak for all the people in your … Continue reading »

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3.5-month migraines

Jonathan is 3.5 months into his deployment. (Not that I’m counting. Jonathan once told me that “countdowns” only make deployments more exasperating. And I would never try to over-exasperate myself.) Which naturally means I spent my weekend finishing and shipping my Christmas care packages, and lulling my migraine in and out of violent fits of … Continue reading »

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Learning to communicate without your boobs

There are two basic truths I’ve come to believe about long-distance relationships: 1. Eventually, somebody will have to move; and 2. It’s really going to suck until one of you does. There’s an emotional intimacy necessary in a relationship that you just can’t imitate over the phone. Without that in-person intimacy, there’s a lot of … Continue reading »