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I’m Aileen: an Army wife from a family of liberal Jews, whose biggest fears include firearms and accidentally falling in love with Republicans. I’m facing my fears head-on, armed with a lot of anxiety, a lot of humility, and a lot of hope.

Also with gouda. A lot of gouda.

This blog is a chronicle of my coping mechanisms and my countless anxieties as I learn about Army life, wait for our next PCS, and eventually figure out how to cook a steak. Eventually. Let’s take this slow.

To read about how it all began (at a very magical place called the bar), and how I went from a child of the San Fernando Valley to an adult of the D.C. suburbs and beyond, take a look at my very first post:

Engagement Photos by Ben Powell Photography

Our Story, Continued

When my husband, Jonathan, returned from his second tour in Afghanistan, I moved away from my job and life at a legal magazine in Washington, D.C. to hang out with him in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I spent my time on the Kentucky/Tennessee border attempting to assimilate into the unfamiliar world of military life and trying to develop a taste for bourbon. With moderate success. Since then, Jonathan and I have had our big fat Jewish Army wedding, a secret-but-not-so-secret courthouse marriage, and survived our first PCS to Monterey, California.

A Little About Aileen

When I’m not trying to negotiate a new vocabulary filled entirely with acronyms, I work as a writing coach for the Graduate Writing Center at the Naval Postgraduate School. I also run an Etsy shop called Red White ‘N’ Bows where I create and sell crochet items, many of which are shaped like animals.

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