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Independence Day and a Red White ‘N’ Bows giveaway

It’s officially summer, which means the Fourth of July is officially just around the corner. Which also means that my Etsy shop, Red White ‘N’ Bows, is celebrating its first official Independence Day.

They grow up so fast.

Living in a military household, at least for me, it sometimes feels like every day is the Fourth of July. Our living room has a red-white-and-blue color scheme; there are no less than eight titles written by or about George Washington on a single shelf of our bookcase; and if you open our coat closet, you’ll find a sequined bag filled with clarinet music for “God Bless America,” “The Star Spangled Banner,” “Anchors Away,” and at least ten other Sousa or military-themed brass band marches you’d recognize from every July 4th celebration you’ve ever attended.

Not to mention the entire closet filled with patriotic yarn. Plus two drawers of it. Plus a basket. And then another basket. You can never have too much patriotic yarn.

Somebody please call “Hoarders.” I have a problem.

Often, whether your life is consumed in constant patriotism or not, the meaning in the Fourth of July–Independence Day–gets a little lost amongst the fireworks and funnel cakes. (Not to discount the fireworks and funnel cakes, of course, because celebration is also an important and intrinsic part of the holiday.) But now that America is edging on two-and-a-half centuries of independence, the meaning in the holiday continues to mean more. The United States of America’s political freedom was the first of countless freedoms its people would be afforded. To me, Independence Day is about appreciating that precedented first freedom, and all the freedoms it paved a pathway to follow–especially the ones we wake up every day and take for granted.

I try not to get too publicly mushy about how lucky I feel to call this country my home. I held a deep love for the United States long before I married into a military family. America has problems, yes; deep, troubling problems, as most countries do. But the life that my family before me forged here, away from religious persecution and toward a hopeful Ellis Island, has been a good one; I’m proud of that work my family did to make a better, safer life, and I’m proud of America for being a place that made it possible.

Or, in a nutshell…America: fuck yeah.

So in celebration of the one day a year when wearing head-to-toe red, white, and blue is most socially acceptable, I’m paying my patriotic yarn stash forward. With a giveaway!

Click here to enter to win one of three patriotic Independence Day headbands from Red White ‘N’ Bows:

Red White 'N' Bows headbands

Independence Day flower headband

Red White 'N' Bows 4th of July flower headband

Red White 'N' Bows 4th of July headband

Independence Day bow headband

Red White 'N' Bows 4th of July flower headband


Red white and blue flower headbands

Contest details:

The Rafflecopter giveaway (click here to enter) starts NOW and ends on Thursday at midnight. Headbands are sized to fit most adult women and have a lot of stretch, however size can be adjusted for winners if requested. Winners will be contacted on Friday morning via their provided email. Please note that if you are selected as a winner and do not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be selected in your place. This is to make sure that prizes can be adjusted for size if necessary and shipped in time to arrive for July 4th.

You can also purchase the headbands online from Red White ‘N’ Bows.

6 thoughts on “Independence Day and a Red White ‘N’ Bows giveaway

  1. My favorite memory is taking a road trip to Pensacola Beach and watching fireworks on the beach. I miss those days!

  2. I love your crafty creations 🙂
    and I have seen your house– if you are bad enough to need hoarders my home needs to be condemned!
    More blogs please and thank you!

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