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Red White ‘N’ Valentine’s Day giveaway

Last week I came clean about my first real celebration of military spouse life: my secret courthouse marriage. (And a huge thanks to all of you who commented with love and support–it means more than you know.) Next week, Jonathan are I are celebrating another military spouse milestone: our first Valentine’s Day together.

Going from deployment to long distance and back to deployment again while we were dating, we missed a lot of celebrations. Until last year when I moved to Fort Campbell we’d never been together for either of our birthdays, for any graduations or new jobs, or even for particularly good days or particularly bad ones that hadn’t been pre-scheduled based on BWI–>BNA arrival times.

We’ve celebrated Cupid’s favorite Hallmark holiday from afar the past few years with Skype dates, Old Bay, flowers, and Harry Potter, but neither of us are likely to list Valentine’s Day in our top five favorite holidays. That being said, our first one together marks not only the survival of our first PCS, but also the survival of many years of challenges and obstacles that worked hard to taint our love, but we’re both really stubborn so we continued to love each other anyway.

So although we don’t have big plans for the holiday this year (finally being together in a seaside apartment with enough kitchen space to make two kinds of fudge is romantic enough), I’m in good spirits for Valentine’s Day. And I’d like to share that spirit with all of you. Whether you’ve got friends to love close by, someone to love who is continents away, someone to love who is yourself (you are great), or something to love who is covered in fur and climbed on the counter at 4:00am to eat your entire bag of Twizzlers, here’s a little something else to love from my Etsy Shop, Red White ‘N’ Bows.

Today through Saturday you can enter to win one of four lovely Valentine’s Day prizes:

Small red white and blue wristlet

A small red wristlet to hold your glasses, your keys, or two dozen conversation hearts.

Pink heart headband

A pink heart headband so you can wear your heart on your face instead of your sleeve.

Red Chevron Coasters

A set of two maroon chevron coasters. Cow mug sold separately but highly recommended.

Maroon heart headband

A maroon heart headband. No better way to say “I love you” to your hair.

Click here to enter to win on Rafflecopter

You have until Saturday at midnight to enter–I’d give you longer, but I want to make sure the winners have their prizes in time for the holiday–and remember that you can earn extra entries by Tweeting about the giveaway once a day until then.

If you don’t win (or if you do win but you like your prize so much that you want at least a dozen more), all the items are up for sale on my Etsy shop–just click on the prize images above to be transported to a land of big bows and rampant patriotism. And, speaking of bows, you may notice that the heart headbands being given away are also available as bow headbands. They’re my newest item, and they’re only $6 a pop. I may have worn one every day this week.

To those with loved ones who are deployed this Valentine’s Day, here’s a big I LOVE YOU from me to you. It’s platonic, though. Don’t get any ideas.

Valentine’s Day: love it, leave it, or get drunk with your cat? What’s your favorite way to celebrate or not celebrate the holiday?

0 thoughts on “Red White ‘N’ Valentine’s Day giveaway

  1. First Valentines Day for us too…We are making the kids red velvet donuts for breakfast then we make their favorite dinner and put them to bed after cuddles and booktime and then the husband will make me dinner and we will watch a movie. I never was a big valentines person but its fun to celebrate together.

    • Love this. My parents always made Valentine’s Day about family, and it’s probably why I don’t hate the holiday now. Except one year my mom gave us framed pictures of one of our cats, which I thought was kind of unfair to the other cats.

    • Thanks, Katie! No joke–when I finished the first one, I put it on and went to show Jonathan, and he was like “Oh. That’s a…nice…thing.” To which I responded “YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FASHION” and stomped off to make four more. Differen’t strokes, I suppose!

  2. I saw a card today that said “You’re single and you know it. Pet your cat”. Which sums up my valentine’s day plans but without the cat! Hope you have a good one though!

    • I’ve definitely had both good and bad Valentine’s Days as a single person. Both with and without cats. My college hosted an annual “blackhearts ball” on Valentine’s Day as an excuse for single people to get drunk together, and that got me loving the holiday even when romantic times were bad.

      • That sounds like fun! It’s only really become a big deal here recently so whether I’ve been attached or single, it has pretty much passed me by. It’s the only day of the year that I see a man with flowers and don’t think “what have you done wrong?”. I may just be too old and too cynical for V Day!!

  3. I’m usually such a grinch about Valentine’s Day – single or taken – it’s always been such a sh*tshow!

    This year I’m going out with a few friends to a charity event (Meet a Marine Date Auction) purely for the entertainment value. Best case scenario? I ogle cute boys in uniform. Worst case scenario? I objectify cute boys in uniform. Kinda thinking its a win-win.

  4. I’ve always like Valentine’s Day, even when I was a singleton. I view it as a nice reason to love on my friends, and I still get excited to swap cards with my coworkers every year too. Btw, congrats on your double marriage! As a Navy brat, I kind of figured you had done that, and now you have two anniversaries to mark! 🙂

    • Thanks, Molly! I also had a blast doing valentines for my coworkers last year (mostly because they included Oreo truffles, which means I ate Oreo truffles for dinner that night).

  5. Yaaaay I’ve been waiting for this! As for my Valentine’s Day feelings … uh, I’m cool with it? No complex. I like candy and heart themed cupcakes. I really do treat it like any other day but with more chocolate. Of course, this year I’m pulling a Liz Lemon and getting oral surgery (not day of, but a little before). So if I did have a complex, totally giving myself an easy out for whining.

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