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When in Jersey

Bring sunscreen. And if you choose not to, don’t wear a one-shoulder dress that will make your sunburn look like somebody painted it onto you with a ruler.

The symmetrical sunburn was worth it, however, to road trip up to the Jersey Shore for my cousin Elyse‘s wedding.

Elyse and Joe Jersey Shore wedding

The perfect beach wedding was a not-so-warm reminder that I have less than three months until my own wedding. I soothed the panic by making an old-fashioned to-do list on which I tried to prioritize the most important tasks against the leave-to-the-last-minute tasks, but then the list ended up being a complicated mess of bold typeface and all caps and I needed to take a nap.

At this point I decided it was best to enjoy the hard work Elyse and her now-husband Joe put into their wedding, and to continue to ignore my own for a few more days.

When in Jersey

So I gave myself a leopard-print manicure for the occasion. It’s all in the details.

The wedding was also a good reminder that, as much as all planners obsess over the details, weddings are about family. And I’m lucky to have one that, for at least a little while longer, I can drive up the coast to be with.

Wedding family

Beach wedding

Wedding cousins

If you were worried that Jonathan was bored with all the wedding activities in his life, don’t be. He found one of my new baby cousins dressed in a camo onesie, so he was fine.

Camo onesie

Now that the trip is over, it’s back to slowly unpacking my boxes of books in Tennessee (we’re out of storage space, so I’m considering stashing my Shakespeare collection in the top kitchen cabinet with my rolling pin), and trying to sort out my wedding to-do list without using too many exclamation points. Please send Twizzlers.

Maryland road trip

The sights as we road tripped through Maryland on our way back down south. I love you, America. Never change your affinity for comically over-sized poultry statues.

0 thoughts on “When in Jersey

  1. Twizzlers! YES! Yet another reason I love you.

    PS – Gorgeous dress! Then again, you always look fantabulous 😀

    • Actually got that dress for a summer wedding last year. Light cotton dress is a closet staple. Not as important as leopard-print ballet flats, though.

  2. Very important question: plain ol’ Twizzlers or Pull-n-Peels? Because it matters!

    I LOVE the height difference between your cousin and her new hubby. ADORABLE!

    And, I’m sure you’ve gotten a torrential downpour of tips and advice from other people about your wedding (which I found insufferable while I was engaged), but now that I’m a married old lady, I just want to put this out there: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t sweat any of it. There’s no need to ever stress of freak. As you said, weddings are about family and most importantly, they’re about the wonderful man you’re promising your life to. I never understand why so many brides get SO worked up. I know everyone wants the day to be perfect, but it won’t be. Things WILL happen. But you know what makes it magical and special and perfect in its own right? Saying “I do”. That’s all you need. Just you and him and those beautiful words. 🙂

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