Coping mechanisms

Oh boy!

There’s nothing better to remind you that your biological clock is ticking than having two pregnant bridesmaids. (Except for possibly my Facebook newsfeed, which currently reads something like “baby, baby, baby, cat, baby, political opinion, baby, sponsored post.”)

Rachel and Lindsay, the two mommies to be. They got married a week apart from each other, and their due dates are a week apart from each other, and my OCD is really happy about their consistency.

Rachel and Lindsay, the two bridesmaid mommies to be. (Also Lindsay and me; she’s really perfected stooping down for photos to not make me look so short. That’s a real friend.) Lindsay and Rachel got married a week apart from each other, and now their due dates are a week apart from each other, and my OCD is really pleased with their consistency.

Because I’m ignoring that I just moved across the country, I was fortunate enough to attend Lindsay’s baby shower last weekend. See if you can guess what gender she’s having.

Ahoy boy baby shower decorations

Baby boy shower decorations

It’s a boy. Or a really gender-confused girl. Your choice.

Parents to be

Lindsay and her husband/baby daddy Jeff.

Unbeknownst to the couple, I’ve been using their baby as a coping mechanism for being in a new place with temporarily no job and no car. I filled my Tennessee downtime with crafting a blanket to match the new addition’s nautical nursery.

Nautical baby blanket

This is also when I discovered the Hobby Lobby, which I’m convinced was delivered to Tennessee by the craft gods for women who love glass animal figurines and leopard-print ottomans. It’s like they knew I was coming.

As I learned at my bridal shower, opening a room full of gifts while your guests stare at you expectantly and judge your taste in registry items is extremely awkward; Lindsay (and Jeff, when he arrived), however, handled the lot incredibly gracefully. I wish I’d taken tips from them ahead of time and avoided a camera full of shower pictures in which I look like this.

Baby shower gifts

That’s gonna be one photogenic baby.

Hanging out with Lindsay’s family is always a blast. My trip up the coast for the shower was a bittersweet reminder that I won’t always be a breezy car ride away from my friends and family. And by “breezy” I mean “11 hours.” It’s a good thing my iPod has 17 hours of showtunes on it.

Baby shower fun

A few of the liveliest shower guests. One of them is wearing an adorable flying pig hat that, if I didn’t already have a veil, I’d look into purchasing for my wedding. The other I intended to save for nostalgia, but ended up eating during hour seven of the drive home. You could say I was so hungry that I ate a whale.

The beautiful (and tall) family.

The expecting family.

Mommy to be

I’m officially back in armyland, with 12 weeks until my wedding, and finally with my car. This could mean I’ll get back to the gym to make sure my wedding dress will still fit when I need to wear it. Or it could mean I’ll be spending a lot of time at craft stores. Your choice.

P.S. I’d been gone on my trip for approximately six hours when I found out Jonathan had already bought a new gun. Remind me not to leave him alone with a credit card in an open-carry state again.

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