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Fort Campbell menagerie

As you may have guessed, my brief leave of Internet absence means I’m hanging out in Fort Campbell, waiting for an elusive welcome home flight, and relying very heavily on 3G and Taylor Swift.

So far I haven’t driven anywhere without getting lost, and I’ve discovered that Tennessee is an open-carry state. Toto, we’re not in the DC metro anymore.

Except my apartment complex doesn’t allow dogs, so get the fuck out of here, Toto.

Luckily the lease doesn’t specify any bans on inanimate objects that look like animals, because my kitchen menagerie has been keeping me great company.




My kitchen…menagerie! (The Tennessee Williams references are only going to get worse until we move to a different state, so go ahead and get used to that.)

What is the first thing you do when you move to a new place? Do you spend time exploring to find the best restaurants? Do you knock on doors to meet your neighbors? Do you find the nearest grocery store to make sure they sell a competitive number of brands of Greek yogurt? No? That’s just me?

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  1. Yeah for settling in! I’m done playing the birthday game here, but still haven’t seen my trooper yet, soon thought šŸ™‚ Oh I research like crazy, drive around getting lost and try to noodle my way into others conversation by evesdropping and hoping they don’t get mad when I inch closer to their table….

  2. I generally figure out the carry-out/delivery situation first, because I don’t have a kitchen menagerie to excite me into making my own meals. It’s a problem that I now not only know about, but feel I must take steps to correct.

    • When I got here, there was already a Chinese takeout menu stuffed into my front door. And my initial reaction was like “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO EAT, FORT CAMPBELL,” so I went to the grocery store and for some reason decided to buy a bunch of grapefruits, which are extremely annoying to eat, so I just juiced them and added vodka. Arguably less healthy than if I’d just ordered the takeout Chinese.

  3. Things I do when I first move into a new city:
    1) Find the nearest record store
    2) Find the nearest book store
    3) Find the nearest good sushi place
    4) Find a cat wandering around the streets and pretend that he has become my stray sidekick
    5) Find ALL of the good concert venues
    6) Find the street corner where all the crazies hang out to a) know what to avoid, and b) know where to go for some good entertainment (it’s a two-in-one kind of deal!)

    … but maybe that’s just me…

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