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It’s 5:00 somewhere, especially in Afghanistan

In the spirit of PANICKING TO GET EVERYTHING DONE before I move to Fort Campbell, I ventured to Glen Burnie on Saturday to meet with my two lonesome Baltimore bridesmaids, Lindsay and Rachel. Their bridesmaid dress appointment was a special treat for me, because I was able to gush over both their brand-new baby bellies (except neither of those bellies are very big yet, so mostly it just looked like I was being a big asshole about some stomach pudge).

Although I loved getting to hang out with the girls at my last bridesmaid appointment, I’m going to flat-out admit that the experience I had at the store (Alfred Angelo in Springfield, Virginia) was more than sub-par. The staff was inattentive and overbooked, and didn’t have time to properly help the four girls I’d scheduled; I ended up having to run the majority of the appointment myself. Most of the girls left the store a bit disheartened about the dresses, and none of them made a purchase that day. Because that’s what happens when you’re shoved into a dress four sizes too small, or not properly fitted into a dress five sizes too big, with no other options.

Luckily, The Glen Burnie Alfred Angelo redeemed the chain for me. Rachel, Lindsay, and I were greeted with big smiles immediately, and our consultant Virra (who I had spoken to on the phone previously) remembered the details I’d given about my bridesmaid mommies-to-be, and catered to us perfectly. I chose Alfred Angelo for my bridesmaid dresses because the locations are prevalent, and because, after much searching, they were the best fit for the dress options I needed. After my first appointment, I was considering pulling out all my hair and starting the search over; thankfully, the second appointment was like a magical Disney movie, and proved that the vision I have for my bridesmaids will also be a magical Disney movie, and all the cutlery and candlesticks and teacups at the reception will sing and dance with us. It’s possible my favors are going to be tablets of LSD.

Bridesmaid appointment

Our consultant was so wonderful that, if the guest list weren’t already set, I’d probably try to invite her to the wedding.

My good luck continued the next morning, when I was treated to the few-and-far-between deployment luxury of the Skype date! I received a wake-up call on Sunday from Palmdale, California (which is for some reason where my caller ID thinks Jonathan is stationed: cue wild theories that he’s been enjoying himself on Southern California beaches for the past seven months, and this whole fighting-for-our country thing is a ruse). I spent most of the 20-minute call trying to understand Jonathan’s explanation of the new time difference between Afghanistan and Washington, D.C. in light of daylight saving’s time (and also trying to ignore my morning hair in the thumbnail image of my screen).

In my defense, my IQ is at least 100 points lower immediately upon waking up, which gives me about the intellect of a semi-advanced potato.

I think Jonathan mentioned it being around 5:00 for him, so, to make things easier for myself, I’ve decided that it’s always 5:00 in Afghanistan now. Except, since Jonathan can’t partake in alcoholic beverages while he’s deployed, I am burdened to drink for him at 5:00. Which is…always. And I’m pretty sure this is my third post in a row that emphasizes using alcohol as a coping mechanism, so here’s my DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME DISCLAIMER.

But if you want to indulge in some try-this-at-home moderation, here’s my it’s-5:00-in-Afghanistan drink recipe of the week:

The Antioxidant Antidepressant

1 part American flag vodka (has a slight aftertaste of freedom and undertones of liberty)
1 part pomegranate/blueberry juice
12 fresh blackberries (6 muddled, 6 whole)
Fill to top with tonic water

Antioxidant antidepressant ingredients


This fruit makes your alcohol super healthy!

The pink straw is not optional.

The pink straw is not optional.

According to the internet, the antioxidants in these alcoholic blackberries basically cure every health thing ever. However, the only cure-all I can attest to is a delicious, freedom-fighting taste, and making the antioxidant drinker feel generally better about deployments (Which is mostly because I fell asleep about 20 minutes after finishing it…and since that makes me at least 70 years old, I guess it disproves the theory that antioxidants fight aging. I’m a scientist now.).

P.S. I created this drink recipe, so I don’t need to cite it. However if you copy it without citing me, I know a lot about intellectual property law so watch your back. But you have great taste, so I sort of like you anyway.

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    • The rate I’ve been going, that vodka will be gone of my own accord before I host a happy hour.
      P.S. Your Frederick adventures are making me homesick.

  1. Haha….tablets of LSD. love it! I’m glad the 2nd appointment went well. I’ve been a bridesmaid a few times, and I always hate the trying on the dress appointment. For one wedding the bride was in Florida, and I live in Minnesota so I got to go by myself and it was a lot easier for me (less embarrassing, i bought the size i wanted, knew my favorite seamstress would make any tweaks i needed and was done).

    • It looks like four of my bridesmaids will end up going the solo appointment route! I’m glad it’s worked for you. One of my maids actually used to work in a bridal shop, so she has some good recommendations for nearby shops that will be able to sell/order the dresses without the girls having to go back to that horrid Alfred Angelo location.

  2. Jess found our bridesmaids dresses on sale at a David’s Bridal, which meant that I had to run to a David’s Bridal near me to get the dress while it was on sale. Which sounds not too hard, except that the closest David’s Bridal was an hour away in Delaware, and Delaware has a well proven history of hating me. And, of course, this was during the job from hell time period, so I left work early at about 7pm (Freakin’ school), got lost on MULTIPLE bridges (Freakin’ Delaware), passed David’s Bridal once (okay, that one was legitimately my fault), and pulled into my parking space at 8:58pm. They close at 9pm. That said, when I ran inside with a frantic look on my face, clutching a slip of paper with dress details and looking like I was about to either cry or stab someone, they were super nice and helpful, even though they were supposed to close in approximately 74 seconds. So, long story short, I highly recommend David’s Bridal. But not Delaware.

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