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Deployment haiku

I’ve discussed at length many of the coping mechanisms I’m using to get through this deployment (or arguably just to get through this winter, which is proving to be a rather disgusting one lately). And while I would never downplay the importance of Twizzlers, Netflix Instant, and friends who will go with you to the Renaissance Festival, I’d like to up-play the importance of writing as a coping mechanism.

Not every person is a writer; but all people going through a deployment, or any stressful situation, have a lot of thoughts crowding their brains. Sometimes seeing those thoughts on paper (or on computer, as it were) is a good way to make them clearer, or at least to shake them from your mind long enough to cause a momentary bout of sanity during an otherwise insane time.

I’m a terrible poet (just ask anybody from my poetry workshop in college who had to sit through my iambic pentameter piece about Keanu Reeves), but I have a soft spot for haiku. I don’t have exceptional talent for writing them, but I enjoy them for being like the Twitter of poetry; whatever you have to say, you can say it in 17 syllables, and it can still mean something substantial.

Do you love to write haiku too? Leave your own 5-7-5 haiku creations in a comment at the end of this post, fueled by whatever is currently pestering your brain that you’d like a 17-syllable break from. Let’s have a haiku party.

Here’s my collection of deployment haiku, seven months in.

Nine-month deployments?
I could gestate a baby
Before you come home.

Carbon customs forms
Line the pockets in my purse
Like discarded coins

I woke up today
Fear lingering like shadows
Settling like fog

I apologize
For the thirty sent emails
Containing cat gifs

When I think of you
I see your face in pixels
No longer in flesh


Minutes pass in days
Like 4:30 on Friday
Waiting for weekends

Some dream in color;
Some in grayscale, black and white;
Mine are Multicam.

In absence, it’s said,
(In strength, in patience, in trust)
Our hearts will grow fond

Since you can’t have booze
I’m drinking double for you
I can’t feel my face

The only thing that makes that vodka more patriotic is enjoying it with multicam ear warmers.

I decided to stage a dramatic representation of that last haiku. The only way to make the stars-and-stripes vodka more patriotic is to enjoy it with camo ear warmers. The big bow kind of defeats the camouflage purpose.

Special thanks to Gretchen for gifting me that camo yarn, and to Svedka, which is made in Sweden, but knows how to party in the USA.

Now go write some haiku! Bonus points if they’re about Keanu Reeves.

0 thoughts on “Deployment haiku

  1. My back hurts so bad
    I fear not being quite enough
    Will you still love me?

    I wrote a poem
    Huh. That was different, but good.
    Hope you’re not too sad
    Haiku as twitter
    That’s kinda interesting
    Keaneau Reeves

  2. Here’s a haiku I wrote at one of my worst television jobs ever about 3 years ago.

    I sit at my desk
    The printer roars in anguish
    Bacon, where are you?


            Bangover still hurts
            There’s a numbness in my brain
            It must be Monday

            The week still looms on
            Music, friends, late night convos
            Make Tuesdays awesome

            Wednesdays are where day
            Move forwards or backwards?
            Existential hour

            (insert Thursday haiku)

            Need coffee to stand
            We trudge on until the end
            Five comes, we are free!

            Am I also to do the weekend?

  3. I wrote a novel
    Using up all of my words
    Sucks for you, sequel


    Some sour patch kids
    A large block of cheddar cheese
    My writing fuel


    One star reviewers
    Your opinions are valid
    But I still hate you


    I have a schnauzer
    who is forever whining
    How is he so cute?


    Ooh, this was fun.

  4. Off to Africa.
    Will suck if I am bitten
    By a black mamba.

    PS. Using the F word in your blog again? Tsk tsk tsk. Love, Mom

  5. Very important question: do you partake in Twizzlers or Twizzlers Pull-n-Peel because it matters! 🙂

    Here’s my haiku for what’s currently pestering my brain:

    Family vacation
    Anxiety we will fight
    Hope I get a tan


    My half marathon
    Sick of logging miles and miles
    Want to run for fun


    I hate my thin hair
    Would invest in extensions
    Want one good hair day

    • There’s a difference between like and love. Because, I like Twizzlers pull-n-peel, but I love regular Twizzlers. (10 points if you got the 10 Things I Hate About You reference). But basically I’m not going to turn down a Twizzler, in any form. I’d like pull-n-peel more if the pulling and peeling didn’t rip the little Twizzler tube in half part of the way through the pulling and peeling. TREMENDOUS first-world problem.

      I feel like you could do an entire series of running haikus!

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