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Wedding dress reveal

Because I hate myself, I decided to plan my wedding date for several months after my move to Fort Campbell, and right smack in go-time for when I’ll have to move to wherever Jonathan is next stationed. Which means those January 1st resolutions of masochism are in no danger of failing.

So now that I’ve got roughly two months left before I leave the safety of my wedding area, I’m scrambling to finalize all the serious must-haves. Last weekend I took care of a big one: I picked up my wedding dress. (And then I watched the Oscars and, upon seeing Jennifer Lawrence and Octavia Spencer, I promptly decided my wedding dress choice was wrong, all wrong).

(Then I remembered that I’m getting married in a rural Maryland barn; not on a red carpet in Southern California. Although the Oscars might be an appropriate venue for how seriously I’m taking this wedding. )

Blush Bridal Boutique sends your dress home with you in a bright pink garment bag, which is one of several reasons why I love Blush Bridal Boutique.

Blush Bridal Boutique sends your dress home with you in a bright pink garment bag, which is one of several reasons why I love Blush Bridal Boutique.

I have already shared with the internet several of the wedding dresses I didn’t choose. Because, as I said, only a crazy person would reveal her wedding dress pick to the mass public a year before her wedding. But now that I’ve had time to think on it…I’ve seen (and been in) Fiddler on the Roof enough times to know the pitfalls of adhering to tradition. So, at the end of this post, I’m revealing my dress. Which means you’ll either have to read the rest of this before you can see it, or you’ll have to take several seconds to scroll down. I’m making this difficult for you.

Seven months until the wedding (according to, which probably knows more details about my wedding than I do at this point) is the time to start thinking about bridesmaid dresses. Which I found out after having already scheduled my bridesmaid dress appointments at almost exactly seven months until the wedding. BECAUSE I’M AN INTUITIVE GENIUS ABOUT WEDDING PLANNING, except for having scheduled my bridal shower for one of my pregnant cousin’s due dates. Oops.

Look at all the bridesmaid dress colors! GUESS HOW MANY OF THESE MATCH DRESS BLUES.

Look at all the bridesmaid dress colors! GUESS HOW MANY OF THESE MATCH DRESS BLUES.

Bridesmaid appointment

Part of the bridal party, all being forced to stand and smile after having been shoved into dresses either six sizes too big or three sizes too small for an hour. Wedding planning is one of the only times when you can be a complete asshole to your friends and get away with it.

I’ve still got two bridesmaids to meet with, but I unlocked another wedding achievement: Although I’m using real flowers for my wedding, I purchased one silk flower for each girl’s bouquet, which they can take home after the wedding as a memento. I chose white and pale pink anemones to match my wedding colors, though Jonathan is not yet aware that pink is one of our wedding colors, which I’m blaming on the deployment—I’m not choosing not to tell him; I just haven’t had the chance to tell him. The benefits of deployments are limited, so I’m just gonna go ahead and take this one.

Wedding planning has been a great way to distract myself from my current existential crisis, in which I’m for some reason trying to compare my life to Alice in Wonderland (which at least proves how existential the crisis is). In some ways, planning my wedding with a deployed fiancé is the stupidest decision I’ve ever made, and in some ways it’s the most genius. And it’s brilliant for him at any rate, because he doesn’t have to deal with me whenever I get real concerned that an idea I’ve had is stupid, and then spend four consecutive hours on Pinterest trying to find another. (Wedding planning is also apparently one of the only times you can act manic-deppressive without a proper diagnosis and get away with it.)

So before I change my mind about this too, the big wedding dress reveal:



Before you decry me as the girl who cried wedding dress, if you look closely, I’ve given away my designer (Justin Alexander) and my neckline, so this is still pretty brave of me. Oh, and before you think I’ve given away that my dress is pink, that’s just the garment bag reflecting on the dressing room lights. My dress is not pink…


Aren’t you glad you scrolled down for this?

16 thoughts on “Wedding dress reveal

  1. Hahaha! I finally got my subscriptions fixed so I get notified and this is the first post I get delivered to my in-box. Fun entry–I loved hearing about your adventures in wedding planning. If you ever get tired of The Knot, consider or I’ve used all three in conjunction with Pinterest when planning my own wedding. Best of luck!!

  2. “Unlocked another wedding achievement,” good one. If that joke involved midgets I might steal it and lead people to believe I wrote it.

  3. Oh you tricksy tricksy girl! You had me going.

    I like the idea of silk flowers. It’s simple, elegant, and much more universal than matching jewelry that not everyone will agree on.

  4. I guess you’re using legit flowers, but I prefer to imagine you walking the aisle with baskets of coral reef and a flower girl who drops unhappy clown fish in the aisle.

    Although clown fish wouldn’t match your décor.

    • I’ve still got seven months, so it’s technically not too late to change to an “under the sea” theme. IDEA: bridesmaids in scuba gear. They’ll totally wear that again.

  5. Your blog is adorable. Just a note from your caterer/florist, Le Soleil: I am attending a flower show March 17th with you in mind. Would you and your mom would like to be my guests? I love the pale pink anemones with pale pink spray roses and some silvery dusty miller leaves. What do you think of using a trio of jr sized baby food jars painted to look like old fashioned mercury glass vases for table centerpieces?
    Perhaps you have friends with babies who could save glass jars for you – do they even come in glass jars anymore? The food not the babies! Let’s touch base soon. Janet
    301-991-5459 mobile; 301-797-3676 biz

    • Janet, those bouquets sound gorgeous! Unfortunately my mom and I will both be out of town March 17th, but I’d love to talk to you after the event to hear about any new ideas.
      I will be sure to ask my friends if their babies (or their baby food) come in glass jars these days 🙂 I’ll catch up with you soon to show you some new centerpiece inspiration I’ve found! Thanks again for all you do.

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