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Check out my new look!

That’s right; I specifically chose for you to have to scroll down past that massive header and a confusing chunk of white space in order to read this post. To thank you for your dedication, here’s a picture of a baby sloth on a straw, or something.

Baby sloth

I tried to find a source to cite this photo (because obviously I found it on Pinterest), but all I ended up with was a dead Tumblr link. Welcome to the internet: where intellectual property rights are trumped by adorable animal pictures.

This baby sloth approves of the blog’s new look. It’s really into ACUs and serifs. I could learn a lot from this baby sloth.

When the new year hit, I decided it was time to go into turbo mode for securing my remaining wedding vendors, and for starting my Fort Campbell housing search. Because apparently I wanted to start off 2013 as masochistically as possible. All the trying-not-to-kill-myself-with-anxiety has left little time for blogging, but a lot of time for eating chocolate. PRIORITIES. To see my formal apology, please refer to the above baby sloth picture.

In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to have more information about where in the world Jonathan’s reenlistment might take us, and more information about wedding DJs who can find a way to seamlessly transition from the Horah to “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Stay tuned.

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