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2013: A year of resolves to not lose my mind

Happy new year!

2013 sparklers


This morning I received the first great news of 2013: Jonathan went to the board, and is now eligible for his next promotion! Way to set the bar impossibly high for me to catch up on accomplishing things in 2013, Jonathan. (Also, congratulations; I think I speak for all the people in your life when I say that you’ve earned it, and that I’m proud of what you do, even when I’m not sure exactly what it is that you’re doing.)

So instead of competing with that or making resolutions for this year, I’m just listing out things I already have planned for the year, and resolving to do them all without my brain imploding:

  • Finish planning our wedding and have my bridal shower before I move to Fort Campbell. No problem. Weddings aren’t even that hard to plan.
  • Quit my job. Deal with losing the identity of working for a magazine. Which will be easy, because that identity requires a lot of paper cuts. But also difficult, because it comes with free coffee.
  • Find a house and move to Fort Campbell. Say goodbye to Clarendon Trader Joe’s. Buy several crates of Three-Buck Chuck. Cry.
  • Welcome Jonathan home! Cry!
  • Move out of Fort Campbell. TO A PLACE THAT HAS YET TO BE DETERMINED. Do not worry that it could no longer be driving-distance to the wedding venue, and especially don’t worry about how I HAVE NO IDEA WHEN THIS MOVE WILL HAPPEN, AND ITS PROXIMITY TO THE WEDDING DATE. Start drinking those crates of Three-Buck Chuck.
  • Send wedding invitations! Figure out an address to have RSVPs sent to. Spend a lot of time wondering why I planned a wedding without planning where I’d be living during it first. Drive however many hours it takes to find the nearest Trader Joe’s, and replenish crates of Three-Buck Chuck.
  • Head back to my parents’ place just before the wedding to have my bachelorette party and also finish planning the wedding, but mainly for the bachelorette party, which will take all my concentration to plan. It’s hard to coordinate flower garlands.
  • Delve into edits for Terra, book two.
  • Learn how to be an army wife. Learn how to be a regular wife. Learn how to make a marriage work while also making a new life work.
  • Learn how to use all the kitchen appliances our wedding guests gifted us.
  • That last one was unrealistic if I get both a KitchenAid and a juicer. That’s what 2014 is for.

Happy 2013. Though there may be many unknowns, innumerable anxieties, and more acronyms than anyone could be objectively prepared for, the new year also promises a lot of happiness, and a lot of hope. I wish the same for all of yours.

NYE 2012

Middletown in snow

0 thoughts on “2013: A year of resolves to not lose my mind

  1. I say goodbye to Trader Joe’s and cry every time I leave the states. Hopefully you will be able to live near one. No one should be forced to live as I do; replenishing my supplies every time I go south like the zombie apocalypse is coming, rationing every taste morsel to make it last until my next trip. Sigh!

    Gretchen, I blame you for introducing me in the first place!!!

    • Oh, don’t worry; I’ve already calculated the distance (approximately one hour) to the Trader Joe’s nearest to Fort Campbell. I’ve prioritized figuring out the best driving route to things like house searching and straightening out my 401K before I leave my job. I’m okay with this. I don’t need a house as long as I have access to $1.99 horseradish hummus.

  2. AN HOUR TO TJ’S?! So I guess I know what I’m bringing you when I come visit… the entire stock of the nearest Trader Joe’s. Guess I’m driving.

    Also, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER FOR BOTH OF US OMG. Also, there will be a miniature Powell explosion at your wedding. The good kind, of course. Also, I have officially started the writing process for book 2… I even have a working title to prove it!


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