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Happy Thanksgiving from this Jewish turkey cookie

Ignore the feet. I’m not an artist.

Last Thanksgiving I made the turkey cookies using Mike and Ikes, because no store sells candy corn after Halloween and I had to settle on fluorescent feathers. This year my mom planned ahead. But it was my first time making turkey beaks out of candy corn, which is apparently a skill, along with drawing poultry feet out of icing, that I wasn’t born to do well. My mom thinks the beaks turned out a little too big, so now there’s an army of big-beak Jewish stereotype Oreo turkey cookies hanging out on the counter, making us feel guilty about things and fighting over which great uncle gets to eat the giblets this year.

If that doesn’t sound like Thanksgiving, I don’t know what does.

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours. This year I’m thankful for Skype, my beautiful giraffe luggage (which is currently filled with all the yarn I brought to my parents’ house, so I can crochet my Christmas-present scarves between bites of green bean casserole), planned new uses for cheese, and the emails I woke up to from Jonathan, reminding me that he is safe and well, and that three months are down, regardless of how many more are left to go.

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