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Double Veterans Day and a cake made of brie

My headgear accessories are less functional than the army’s, but a lot fluffier.

This weekend was Jonathan’s second Veterans Day celebrated from Afghanistan, so I think it qualifies as his Double Veterans Day. If you’re thanking him for his service to this country, thank him twice or it doesn’t count.

In celebration, I got a surprise Skype date with the double veteran himself, which came within an hour of me booking our wedding caterer, despite having nearly resigned myself to calling Domino’s and ordering a hundred or so pizzas. Even better: Le Soleil Catering will be serving an entire cake made out of brie at our wedding. Good things come to those who wait.

Veterans Day in Maryland was also a 70-degree day in mid-November. The plus side: a beautiful day to visit the wedding venue. The downside: global warming.

The venue staff said they’ve had a bride ride in on a hot air balloon. And several brides have ridden in on camels, which they tell me is a Jewish tradition, but I’ve never heard of it and I’d prefer not to worry about camel poop on my wedding day.

Planning a wedding while also planning a move and an entire life upheaval has been stressful. Planning those things on Veterans Day, however, gives me a little perspective.

If you’re not at work today, take a moment to recognize why. If you are at work (LIKE I AM), at least take a moment to thank a veteran for your local highways having less traffic this morning. If you took the DC metro into work, remember that your commute (though it was likely pretty shitty today), was probably more enjoyable than Vietnam.

Thank you to those who have served, and to those who continue to.

This is also Army Bear’s second tour, so he’s a double veteran too. The only thing he loves more than his country is the Hogwarts pillow he sits next to all day.

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