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Happy Thanksgiving from this Jewish turkey cookie

Last Thanksgiving I made the turkey cookies using Mike and Ikes, because no store sells candy corn after Halloween and I had to settle on fluorescent feathers. This year my mom planned ahead. But it was my first time making turkey beaks out of candy corn, which is apparently a skill, along with drawing poultry … Continue reading »

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Choosing a Christmas gift for your deployed soldier

Now that it’s mid-November, I’m in crunch mode for choosing Jonathan’s Christmas present if I want it to get to Afghanistan before December 25th. And it’s a good thing he’s not expecting Hanukkah gifts yet, because that’s only three weeks away and I don’t think latkes ship well. Choosing a gift for a deployed soldier … Continue reading »

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Halloween in a belated box

When Jonathan got back from his first deployment, I decided we’d have a celebrate-all-the-holidays-he-missed weekend. Since he was gone for a year, that’s…all the holidays. Which turned out to be a little over zealous, and we ended up celebrating none of them instead. So for this deployment, I’m just sending the holidays to him as … Continue reading »