Coping mechanisms / Deployment

Webcams, real toilets, and cleavage

…Oh my.

Deployment update: Jonathan has moved to a place that has webcams and real toilets. LUXURY! To celebrate the webcam, we had our first (impromptu) Skype date. You can tell it’s impromptu, because I’m dressed for the gym and not for a date. Although now that I’m betrothed I could probably stop dressing up for dates and going to the gym. Time to get fat.

I decided to make use of the webcam by showing him the wire rooster sculpture my bridesmaid Lindsay sent me for my birthday. Jonathan is really excited about my taste in interior decorating.

We didn’t celebrate the toilets, because this was the first time our faces had seen each other since he left, and we didn’t want to ruin the moment.

I spent the rest of my weekend making a Halloween care package for Jonathan, and on my follow-up trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Which means my meals for the past several days have consisted of nothing but baking scraps, fried cheese, beer, and various foods on sticks. This is a Monday-morning recipe for feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus.

That having been said, I took over 600 pictures at the Renaissance Festival yesterday, and that’s a lot of boobs to go through before I can present an edited cleavage collage. Editing boob photos is exhausting work. So I’ll leave you with this teaser, which is lacking in cleavage, except for my own.

And by “my own” cleavage, I mean the boobs painted onto that plywood cutout bar maid.

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