I’m on Facebook, and you probably are too.

There comes a time in every young blog’s life when it must spread its wings, perch on the edge of its nest until it’s steady, and then fly. Which, since I’m talking about social media, sort of makes it sound like I started a Twitter account, but I did that weeks ago and I’m apparently just still stuck on the bird metaphor.

This time, I’m on Facebook!

I wonder if wedding photographers purposely pose their clients on the right side of the frame now that Facebook cover photos exist.

If you’re on Facebook (which you probably are, because now even both of my parents are even on Facebook), like my page for new post announcements, deployment updates, links to articles and websites that are either relevant to army life or contain baby animals, a LOT of photos, and MY BIG PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Just kidding. I’m not pregnant. …Or am I? I guess you’ll have to check my Facebook page to find out.

Hot off the press, my Facebook page today is debuting full photo album coverage of my trips to the Maryland Renaissance Festival and Virginia Wine Festival, and my birthday party. Especially check out the photo album of my birthday party if you were there, because I stole a lot of those photos from the cool dude at the bottom of this photo, and I’m not sure who a lot of you are, but you look very nice and thank you for coming. But I’m pretty mad at all of you for waiting until after I left to break out the hula hoops.

And to end this post today, I’d like to give a little bit of advice to anybody who is moving to a city where their commute to work involves a lot of walking outside and public transportation:

  • Buy rain boots.
  • If you’ve already done that, then when it’s raining, wear your rain boots.
  • If you decide that, fuck that, your rain boots don’t match your outfit and it’s probably not raining that hard anyway, bring an extra pair of shoes.
  • If you realize that you’re walking out the door without an extra pair of shoes, remember that you are already currently surviving on DayQuil, so turn around and get some extra shoes, or just put on your fucking rain boots like you should have in the first place.

This advice is brought to you by my feet, which will be cold and wet for the rest of the day.

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