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Please choose an entree: crab cake or vomit

If you’ve discovered yourself in the unfortunate situation of listening to me talk about wedding planning, you know that I’ve already planned my bachelorette party, found my dress, booked my photographer, and gotten an impressive, if alarming, head start on my registry. And then when I’m done bragging about what a successful over-achiever I am, … Continue reading »

These aren’t the boobs you’re looking for
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These aren’t the boobs you’re looking for

Just kidding. These are exactly the boobs you’re looking for. My trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Sunday was the end of an era, in a way. This time next year when the Festival comes back to town, the chance I’ll be living driving-distance from Annapolis, driving-distance from my parents, and driving-distance from the city … Continue reading »

Army 101 / Cry for help

Oh, the places you’ll go (most of which will probably be in the Midwest)

Having graduated from both high school and college, I’m at least familiar with the idea of starting a new chapter of my life, in a potentially new place, with potential new anxieties (i.e. grocery stores that don’t sell the brands I like, street signs in weird colors, gyms without preset 30-minute weight lifting rotations, different … Continue reading »