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Jonathan’s sonnet

You’ll get the full story tomorrow (spoiler alert: there’s a lot of cleavage), but here’s a sneak peak of what happens at the Maryland Renaissance Festival when you mention to an actor (Graham Pilato) that your fiancé couldn’t make it this year, because he’s in Afghanistan DEFENDING YOUR COUNTRY. And when you don’t mention that your fiancé never goes to the Maryland Renaissance Festival, because the only men in tights he can tolerate are the ones in the Mel Brooks movie.

(That flash of bright pink that keeps popping into the screen is my umbrella. Full story on that tomorrow as well, but if you were anywhere in Maryland, you can probably imagine all the mud.)

0 thoughts on “Jonathan’s sonnet

    • I know. Afterwards I asked him if he knew my favorite sonnet (130), and I’ve got video of him doing that one too. His super memorization powers are greater than mine.

  1. Practically perfect except for the vertical video. 😉

    Sidenote though, evidently I am going to this “Renn fest” soon and I know, just KNOW I will die of excitement. And with a flower wreath upon my head.

    • Hah I know, I know! In my defense, I was holding a beer, my purse, an umbrella, and the iPhone the video was taken on. While drunk. I’m giving myself the bronze medal in this one.

      Let me know when you’re going! You’ll read this in the full post tomorrow, but I got a two-day pass so I’ll be going back in October. WITH my flower garland (there was rain in the forecast, so I didn’t bring it or my DSLR this year…which turned out to be a very good idea).

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